Adria Nite (WetSchoolGirl) - Mommy's Prom Night

Adria Nite (WetSchoolGirl) - Mommy's Prom Night
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You are searching for advice on how to ask a girl to prom but you don't think any of that will work. You decide to ask your mommy if she could go with you. She is flattered but says that it's not a good idea - you should go with someone your age. Suddenly she feels weird... she is young! You just changed her age to 18! She doesn't know what to tink about it but endsup being very excited and agrees to join you to prom.
The night goes perfectly and when you come back she is absolutely thrilled. She loves being young but out to responsabilty she tells you to change her back. You say no - she hasn't experienced the prom night fully. You are supposed to hook up with your prom date. She is shocked! No way you can do that together, she is your mommy - it would be so inappropriate. You tell her you won't change her back unless let you fuck her. She can't believe her ears! Alright, do it, but change me back immediately after! Will your mommy be in her 40s again or will she be a pregnant barely legal teen?
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